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With the right financial blueprint and the right financial tools, you can start building a secure lifestyle for tomorrow

  • Mortgage Reduction

  • Retirement Savings

Education costs are rising significantly…

Education costs are not just tuition – there are residency fees, books, food and extracurricular fees to start. As a parent/grandparent, it can be enormously helpful to give your family members a financial leg-up when they need to get ahead.

With a standard RESP you stand to gain a government benefit of 20% but our RSIP Education Strategy can provide a government benefit of up to 46%.

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You have worked hard to build a secure

Most retired Canadians need more cash flow to maintain their lifestyle

WMS has developed a suite of retirement cash flow strategies. These include the Tax Arbitrage StrategyOAS Clawback Reduction Strategy, and the RRSP Exit Strategy.

  • RRSP Cash Flow Strategies

  • Pension Income

  • RSIP

  • RRSP Alternatives

Share It

We can guide you through the important topics when
it comes to sharing your wealth

  • Charitable Giving

  • Estate Planning

Enhance your legacy to your grandchildren

With education costs growing more and more, grandparents want to help support their grandchildren’s educational aspirations, but are often unaware of the options available to them. With a standard RESP you stand to gain a government benefit of 20% but our RSIP Education Strategy can provide a government benefit of up to 46%.

Grandparents can use the RSIP Education Strategy to help fund grandkids education while receiving an immediate tax benefit and reducing their OAS Clawback. Protect against future adverse tax consequences associated with traditional education plans.